Cohere Brand Page Guideline

Cover image guidelines

Your cover photo is the main image featured at the top of your brand’s shop page. Cover photos must be high-resolution (About 500KB),  and follow these required guidelines:

  • No logos or text
  • No photo collages
  • No products with inappropriate language
  • No nudity

What makes a great cover image?

Your cover image helps set the tone for your shop page. We recommend using a photo that represents your brand’s best-selling category and overall brand aesthetic. Generally, cover images that showcase several products in one photo, or display the product(s) in use, tend to work better than single product shots.

Here are some great examples of cover images:

Product photo guidelines

Product images represent the majority of your shop. These images are usually shot on a white background to create a consistent look across your product line.

Keep the following in mind when choosing your product photography:

  1. Your product is paramount. Choose images that showcase your product clearly and simply. Backgrounds should be recessive to highlight the detail of your products best.
  2. Consistency is key. Similar backgrounds will make your images look cohesive across your product line. These should be cropped into a square ratio for best results on our site.
  3. Showcase your work. Product photography is meant to showcase your product from its best angle. Use images with your products at the center.

Dos and Don'ts for your product image

  1. Use white or clear background; avoid lifestyle or busy backgrounds.
  2. Crop image into square.
  3. Avoid pixelated phots.
  4. Make it clear what it is you are selling; avoid using unnecessary objects.

Brand story guidelines

Your brand story is your place to share more about you and your brand with your customers. On your shop page, your brand story includes:

  • Your location, year established, social media information, and brand values
  • A personal story of your brand and the message you’d like to share with retailers
  • Publications you've been featured in (optional)
  • 1-2 additional images that represent how your products are made (optional)

How does Cohere choose brands to be featured on its channels?

Our team selects brands to be featured on our social, newsletter and content channels based on platform engagement, which may include (but is not limited to) the following factors:

  • Actively using Cohere’s referral tools.
  • Fulfilling orders on timely manner.
  • Excellent unboxing experience reported by retailers.
  • Updating contents on a regular basis.
  • Featuring high-quality photography content.