Tips for building successful relationship with independent retailers for CPG brands


You've got retailers attention, and are now start to envision how your product will look on their shelves.

However, retailer's interest doesn't mean you have a deal.

Do you ever find that your products have been sitting in a retailer's storage room for weeks; or that a retailer forgot they've placed this order altogether? Perhaps you've had a retailer tell you that they'll restock your products soon, but never actually place the order. 

These scenarios are all too common for businesses of any size. Retailers have a lot on their plates, so don't take it personally if your stuff don't receive top priority.

Based on our close monitoring of 35 campaigns for 20 brands, here are a few tips for CPG brands to prepare for and follow up on their first orders with retailers:

1. Include sufficient information in your package

Whether you're sending samples or an official order, be sure to include a packing slip or sell sheet, along with a one-page product description. 

Even though much of this information may already be communicated online, providing a physical reminder to retailers can help jog their memory and encourage them to add your products to their system immediately. 

A clear and concise product description can also help staff better understand your products.

2. Share new locations with your fans!

Let your subscribers and followers know about your new retail locations. Encourage them to buy your products at these local stores; and offer incentivizing discounts. 

Once more than 2 customers inquire about your products at a retailer, the retailer would very likely consider ordering your product.

Plan to send a marketing email and make social media posts before and a few days after retailers receive your products. These efforts can help seal the deal with retailers.

3. Engage with retailers on social media

If your team members visit a retailer, try to snap a photo and share it as a social media story. When you see the retailer post about your products, engage with them as much as you can. This not only helps to promote your brand but also fosters a closer relationship with the retailer.

Just like customers, retailers also need to see your products multiple times before making a buying decision. In fact, they typically require at least 5 exposures to your brand across various channels.

Cohere can help you handle the challenging and tedious part of getting retailers' attention and following up for feedback, but we also need your assistance with the more enjoyable aspects of increasing the chances of convincing them to stock your products. By providing sufficient information, sharing your new locations with your followers, and engaging with retailers on social media, it can significantly help close the deal and get your products on their shelves.

Hope this article can help! As always, we look forward to your feedbacks!