Tips for building successful relationship with independent retailers for CPG brands

Congratulations!  You've got retailers attention, and are now start to envision how your product will look on their shelves. However, retailer's interest doesn't mean you have a deal. Do you ever find that your products have been sitting in a retailer's storage room for weeks; or that a retailer forgot they've placed this order altogether?  Perhaps you've had a retailer tell you that they'll restock your products soon, but never actually place the order.  These scenarios are all too common for businesses of any size. Retailers have a lot on their plates, so don't take it personally if your stuff don't receive top priority. Based on our close monitoring of 35 campaigns for 20 brands, here are a few tips for CPG brands to prepare for and follow up on their first orders with retailers: 1. Include sufficient information in your package Whether you're sending samples or an official order, be sure to include a packing slip or sell sheet, along with a o

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